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Waterfront Homes in Alexandria

Located along the western banks of the Potomac River, waterfront homes in Alexandria are exquisite and highly sought-after, being one of the most coveted pieces of real estate in the city. Here are some things you should know about buying a waterfront residence in Alexandria.

Where to find waterfront homes in Alexandria

Bordered by the Potomac River on the east, your best bet to find a diverse collection of waterfront homes are located in the neighborhoods of Old Town and Northeast Alexandria.

Old Town is the historical center of the city and boasts historic properties, some of which date back as early as the 17th century. Along the waterfront area of the neighborhood, you’ll find spacious luxury estates, upscale apartments, and high-rise condominiums that guarantee unforgettable views of the Potomac River and beyond.

Meanwhile, Northeast Alexandria also offers excellent waterfront real estate opportunities that also range from comfortable single-family homes to upscale and beautifully restored historic homes. The Potomac Yard area is also worth looking at.

Further south is the beautiful neighborhood of Belle Haven, a desirable location to live in if you’re looking for a quiet and idyllic place to settle in Alexandria.

Are you excited to look for your dream waterfront home in Alexandria? Talk to me today at 1.703.310.6201 or to get started.

Helpful tips when buying a waterfront home

Here are some reminders to help you in purchasing your dream waterfront property.

  • Find a waterfront specialist – For a stress-free home buying experience, get in touch with a real estate agent who specializes in waterfront properties. A specialist will know the ins and outs of such homes and will try to give you the best possible deal.
  • Look at the whole property and not just the structure. A waterfront property is not limited to the actual home. It also includes the land included and even the waterfront area. Consider the quality of the water, the location, and the privacy you’ll get in a property as these are the factors that make a waterfront home a complete package.
  • Ask questions about the home’s materials. Waterfront homes are often more exposed to the forces of nature. Make sure your investment is worthwhile by making sure the home you’re interested in is equipped to handle the elements.
  • Do your research about your responsibilities as a waterfront homeowner. Waterfront properties require a different set of maintenance and upkeep. Exercise due diligence and do additional research about covenants, restrictions, and conditions in the area. If you’ll be part of a homeowners association, get in touch with them to learn more about the neighborhood.
  • Ask about what you can do with the property. Depending on zoning restrictions, what you can do in a waterfront property may be limited. Look into what you can do with the property before making an offer to get your money’s worth. Find out if certain water activities are prohibited in the area as well.

Alexandria’s waterfront homes are some of the most beautiful in Northern Virginia. Explore your waterfront property options today and contact me at 1.703.310.6201 or phyllis(at)pattersonrealestategroup(dotted)com.